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Our commitment to providing safe and healthy products to our consumers ...

cutting edge of modern production techniques begins with securing the highest quality raw materials and continues with our state-of-the-art production facilities. Edafco employs the most advanced technologies available to ensure the integrity of its products throughout the production cycle. Meticulous development and screening processes are conducted at the company’s seven manufacturing plants, each of which specializes in a unique line of products.

Today, consumers of food and beverage products have become the market leaders. And among so many competitors, to be a provider who stands out with superb service you got to have a unique edge. Ours is “Quality and value for money”

We know that success is always measured upon ones capabilities to respond to consumers’ needs and expectations. To be able to respond to the continuous changes in consumer’s habits, demographic structure and global population growth will always represent a huge challenge. Luckily enough, we do believe that we must satisfy them no matter what.

Accordingly, Edafco teams continuously review our plans for growth, run quality improvement and apply diversification of our products in order to be up to those challenges. We have no limits when it comes to customer satisfaction and we know how to offer a good deal of benefits! That’s why quality and value for money represent our motive and have actually become the key success elements of our business.

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