Viva Tomato Purée


Our Viva Tomato Purée are the first choice when preparing tasty flavorsome dishes. It is the ultimate source of inspiration, Using the range broadens the horizon when concocting creative recipes that delight the whole family’s taste buds.

The best tomatoes are used to make Viva Tomato Paste, which is known for its rich and natural red colour, distinctive aroma and superior taste. it is an excellent ingredient for preparing pasta sauces, kabsa, pizza and other tomato dishes.
Viva Tomato Paste is available in 50 gm Sachet - carton {4×24 sachets × 50 gm} - , and have a shelf life of 1 year since the date of production.

Our products compete with universal products.

We deal with great suppliers of (raw materials in Egypt)

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